Friday, December 10, 2010

Portable Patriot

Upon my recent discovery of the dedicated reading/study task made so simple by the Kindle, I began the process of selling off my hundreds of wonderful books that simply adorn my library but rarely if ever get opened. To facilitate that I had to decide what principles I would incorporate for determining which books I would not sell. That list includes the well marked personal and spiritual growth books that I return to repeatedly for reminders of what I need to be doing next, those books I frequently loan and give out to others, and those relative few that are truly relevant to the areas where I currently focus my time. However, there are some that must be saved for posterity for their primary document value, and Portable Patriot fits that category. Pocket sized and bound with a classical "old" feel, this book includes over 60 18th and 19th century speeches, documents and sermons given by our country's founders.

In a day when history books threaten to be re-written with every new political reign, it gives me security in knowing I have some "absolute" spots to return to for discussions with my grandchildren. The awe in which these great leaders held the awareness of their Creator flows throughout. While pioneering the leaving of the predictable old world for the insecurity of the new, they clearly maintained a semblance of traditional values as they looked to the future. And reading thru repeated themes of patriotism, I can understand how our nation could survive a civil war and come out stronger. For even with the strong differences of opinions over economic foundations, all ultimately had the best of the nation in heart.

This is the kind of stuff that should be required discussions, and many of them, for every generation. It is the kind of stuff I need to insure that I can teach my descendants what it means to be an American.