Monday, May 24, 2010

Obstacles Welcome by Ralph de la Vega

While the content of de la Vega's story is highly inspirational, I would advise anyone reading this book not to give up at the beginning! With this book written by a corporate president (AT&T Mobility), not a writer, I personally found it difficult to make my way thru the somewhat simplistic writing to get to the content, often wondering why a ghost writer or co-writer wasn't employed to tell this story in a more engaging style. I knew the content was valid; I was bored with the reading. However, once I got past the fifth chapter, i found myself eagerly reading, underlining, and finding many applicable challenges to my own life and leadership.

in the end, de la Vega's accounts from the corporate view are applicable for many business minded thinkers. While feeling to me to be borrowed from John Maxwell, his leadership principles are relevant along with his challenges on giving back to the community. Given the global success of the iphone, his final chapter sharing part of that story was a fitting conclusion.

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