Sunday, December 6, 2009

“Derailed” by Tim Irwin

How is it that some of the best companies, growing companies with ability and resources to pick the best of the best for leadership, still have to fire CEO's? Did they choose the wrong people? What can smaller companies and non-profits learn from this?


Dr. Tim Irwin answers these questions and more in Derailed, by taking a case study of 6 highly talented and capable CEO's that did not make it in companies such as Home Depot, HP, and Lehman Brothers. Through a wealth of examples demonstrating the repeating patterns in what caused the falls of great leaders, Irwin gives real solutions for preventing this type of collapse. Leadership at all levels from the smallest non-profit to the largest Fortune 25 companies could benefit from this fresh approach to development of the kind of character that has enough strength to prevent the repeated problem of power that corrupts.


While my own leadership positions would be light years removed from the influence held by these case studies, I saw my own weaknesses in some of these CEO's weaknesses. I was challenged to grow in all 4 character traits of authenticity, self management, humility, and courage.