Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Power of Attention

Book Review: The Noticer by Andy Andrews


Master story teller Andy Andrews combines the best of personal growth teaching, including Chapman's 5 Love Languages, in an Og Mandino style. Jones, a symbol of Jesus, with the ability to relate to anyone from any background in any culture and language, with an understandably supernatural knowledge of one's past, quietly changes the lives of hundreds of people in a small gulf coast beach town by noticing them – caring – establishing rapport – listening = encouraging – guiding – casting vision.


With poignant stories from the homeless orphan living under a pier to the wealth businessman who does not know how to love his wife, these examles demonostrating how toserve others humbly yet powerfully, kept me captivated in one sitting. Personally challenged myself to be more transparent in my own communication as well as to listen more carefully to the cares of people closest to me, this could easily be my favorite modern day parable for becoming all we were made to be. Challenged by Jones' style and persistence in sticking with someone long enough to get to the core of the problem, I found myself anxious about note taking in order to remember as many dialogues as possible. The book includes guidelines for personal or small group study as well, with intergenerational connections from adolescent to antediluvian.

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