Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book Review: Green by Ted Dekker

The beginning the end, or a point in a circle? Dekker wants the reader to make that choice in this book that converts his triangle (the Red, White, and Black trilogy) into a circle. A story of parallel universes set 2000 years apart, offering perhaps an opportunity to change the future by movement between worlds (hence moving back and forth between history and future), Green demonstrates the apathy and complacency that tends to come with time after any revolutionary life changing experience. Whether a modern science fiction pharmaceutical factory in Bangkok or gatherings in the future that could resemble ancient tribal warriors, the similarities that face western society and in particular the church of 2009 are frighteningly remarkable.

With my own personal reading habits drawn mostly to non-fiction; this was the first science fiction/fantasy story I had read in many years. While I no doubt missed the significance of a few details for not having read any other Dekker books previously, the ongoing development between the two worlds kept the plot suspenseful, and the humanness and feelings in relationships of the lead characters compelled me to keep reading. Inspired by the passion in Thomas and Chelise's desire to lead their people in an unwavering faith that continued to recognize a life without God is a life without hope, I would share this book with avid fantasy readers, anticipating engaging discussions about eternal values.

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