Sunday, August 2, 2009

Writing - a Discipline and a Risk

For years I've struggled with guilt of not disciplining myself to write, being asked and even beseeched by others to go through the energy (and perhaps tedium) of putting my thoughts into written word. Struggling to change, I've written affirmations and goals for the same. Write daily. every other day. On the weekend. Sunday afternoon - it could be rest. Yet no change. Today, however, in committing to a day of rest, I determined read what others said about writing - and in so became totally convicted through a facebook reference to a Michael Hyatt blog, leading to more reading of his blogs that talked of blogging as being the aboslute requirement for 21st century publishing, I finally succombed. I can post my motly thoughts up there in Cyberspace for all to see.

So Michael said the first part is to do it. The second part is to build a following. What? Ask peoople to come and voluntarily read my writing? As if this is something that will reward them, satisfy them, encourage them, make their day better? Yes, it is something I must do. He said it will exercise my practice in using words, and of course it will, but even more, it will exercise my practice in confident communication, confident expresison, confident living.

And so I embark on this journey - to become the person I was created to be. To risk creating boredom in others, criticism, snickering smiles, but to look for the opportunity to share the word that might encourage someone to take one more breath, experience one more day, live one more dream, with an attitude of expectatncy that lets loose those serendipities of life that await that one.

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